Sponsors & Partnerships 2021

In 2021 we decided to expand our reach and include some partnerships and sponsors to the Funbarr Challenge . The reason we did this was mainly down to the restrictions due to COVID. We wanted to support local businesses and give them some exposure and support. We strongly focused on the Cork Harbor area especially considering the link to the main challenge.


Green Rebel Group based out of Crosshaven in Cork Harbor came on board to sponsor the main challenge #TeamPrimus row around the three islands of Cork Harbour 

Green Rebel is a dynamic company specializing in data acquisition, analytics and consultancy to support offshore renewable energy development. We are an innovative and ambitious Irish company which is growing rapidly. We ensure the highest quality service offering with our accomplished team of world class scientists and experienced business leaders, coupled with dedicated survey vessels, as well as our own state of the art aircraft. We give our clients everything they need to make informed, data-driven and ecologically responsible decisions through high quality geophysical, geotechnical and digital aerial surveys. Our survey methods are strategically designed to limit ecological and maritime disruption.

Our multi-client survey offering, is the most optimal and least impactful approach for offshore site investigation. It also means that we will have the data readily available for clients, thereby shortening their route to market by up to 24 – 36 months. We recently acquired IDS Monitoring and the IDS MK-II LIDAR Buoy is the most advanced LIDAR buoy in the world which will satisfy the industry's need for the best metocean data. Our aim is to be the driving force behind Ireland meeting its renewable energy goals by 2030 and achieving our dream of becoming a carbon neutral country.


Nebula Coaching were asked to come on board to not only support #TeamPrimus but also provide an online fitness support to all challengers.

A little background…

One day we had an idea and then prompted by friends and clients we turned to each other and said “why haven’t we done this before”. For months we worked on the back end of the business and through a few creative sessions decided that 'Nebula Coaching’ was the one we wanted to shoot for.

A Nebula is a cloud of dust and other gases in interstellar space. We figured that as humans we are exactly that, a bunch of gases and other micro particles that essentially makes up the entire universe. Formed correctly it portrays a beautiful sight. Just like training, being coached well is key to improvement.

pssst! we are actually secretly space nerds masquerading as big strong fitness coaches.

We are coaches who through formal education and over 21 combined years of ‘at the coal-face’ practice have built up huge experience working with everyone from elite athletes to high flying corporate clients to physio referrals to general population clients. We knew that if we joined forces and similar to your favourite sci-fi film we would become stronger than anything you could imagine! Mwuhaha!

… Just joking but we did recognise the need to deliver a high quality and unnervingly practical solution for the modern day person who needs a coach in their pocket. We want you to avail of the highest level of coaching that allows you to go about your life with the reassurance that you have high quality coaches there to help.

With Nebula we wanted to offer people something different. We want to coach through our personalities and experiences not spreadsheets. We are coaches, we are trainers, we are fitness fanatics or whatever you want to call us but first we are people. We believe in being honest, practical and using fitness training as a tool to a better life.


SummaSportWear are a sports & leisure wear supplier based out of Cork/Cobh. #TeamPrimus needed a kit and Summa stepped up and provided not only team kit for the row but also funbarr challenge 2021 event t shirts

The word Summa is derived from Latin, and means Highest point, the Summit, and Excellence. 

We are founded by athletes and professionals, who have achieved at the highest levels in education, sport and industry and who know what it takes to follow and achieve ones dreams.

We are an Irish (european) clothing brand focused on creating remarkable and high quality clothing for those leading an active life and for those aiming to become the highest version of themselves. 

Our promise to you is if you come on a journey with us, we will do everything we can to help you reach your highest peak.